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Have you ever wonderd what it would have been like to have seen artist like John Coltrane, Miles Davis, or evern James Brown in their prime at some small club. The fact that you can say that you were there when it all begain. You felt the notes before the money makers drove them into the ground. This was the feeling you got last night at Black Betty In brooklyn. You felt like you were standing at the edge of greatness.  BRIAN J: Guitar/Organ/Lead Vocals – BLACK PEARL: E-board/Percussion/Vocals  – CHAUNCEY ‘PURE SOUND’ YEARWOOD: Congas/Vocals  . You are at the turning point this is where true music comes alive. You need to find your self at a show. Someday you can step back and say you were there. As I am sitting here I am trying to find words that can express what Brian J and pimps of joytime express how they make you move, how they bring you deep soul to the dance floor. But I don’t think I can find the words you just have to experience for yourself. Check out their myspace page for sample of the music.



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2321 Carlisle, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone (505) 884-4000
Fax (505) 884-4442

This has always been my stop off on my drive from east to west or west to east. About 6 hours outside of Albuquerque I start to slowly taste the BBQ sauce. As I get closer and closer I start to run down the menu. What will I get this time? The Pork ribs that just fall right off the bone and melt in my mouth. Will I get the brisket that is so lean and full of flavor. But I guess it really does not matter at all its Rudy’s. Other then some of the best BBQ in the south west!!!!! I think they have the best cream corn that I have ever eaten. Hands Down you have my word on it. The Place is not to $$$$ and the sit down during the week is right away. You may have a little wait on the week end. If you are on the road and are passing through Albuquerque then Rudy’s is a must stop.

rudy’s web site

Available by weight price per 1/2 lb.
Brisket 5.19
Brisket (lean) 5.59
Turkey Breast 5.39
Pork Loin 5.19
Chopped Beef 3.49
Pork Spare Ribs 4.39
Baby Back Ribs 6.49
half 4.39 whole 8.78

Sausage – Regular
half 1.69 whole 3.19

Sausage – Jalapeno
half 1.79 whole 3.29

Brisket 3.49
Pork Loin 3.49
Turkey 3.49
Chopped Beef 3.49
Sausage 3.49

Potato Salad
Cole Slaw
Pinto Beans
New Potatoes
Green Bean Salad
Cream Corn
Jumbo Smoked Potato

Banana Pudding
Chocolate Pudding
Rice Krispy Treats
Ice Cream

Beer & Wine
Soda & Lemonade
Iced Tea

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