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If you are trying to choose which cell company to go with maybe this can help you knock out just one. I have been with T-mobile now for about 5 years and over the 5 years I have seen other cell phone companies make leaps and bounds to the service they provide. No let me see what has T-mobile added in the past 5 years UMMMMMM oh yea Caller tunes. I would say about 6 months ago I got a blackberry and added the Voice, e-mail, and Internet BlackBerry®. Right out of the gate I was not happy at all, the email was fine but the internet man it took about 45min just to load google.com . Then to toss salt on an open cut the iphone came out. Other then that I called T-mobile to find out why it was so slow? The T-mobile rep told me that my phone was not set up right that she could pass me to the BlackBerry support line. After doing a ton of restarts nothing changed. So I talked to the T-mobile rep again and told her that my friend as the same phone but is with At&t and his phone is so fast. Now this is where we got to the truth. The t-mobile rep told me that AT&T is a High speed internet and that t-mobile is not. I ask the rep when are we going to change to High Speed and she told me “she had no Idea but it would be soon”. Then I did a little research about all the cell phone companys this is what I found. T-mobile is renting tower time from AT&T  and that t-mobile is the only cell phone company that has no plans to add any high speed internet. If you just take the time a look ath the T-mobile web site they don’t even have any new phone. I am very unhappy with T-mobile and when my contract is up this year I will be moving to a new company. My 2 cents stay away from t-mobile.


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I guess I will toot my own horn for a second. If you don’t know I am the owner of Touch Clothing, a small latino clothing company out of brooklyn. Well this past month La Tean Magazine did a write up about me and my company. So if you get a chance pick up a copy. Here is the cover.


And here is their web site http://www.lateen.com/
And here is the Touch Clothing web site http://www.touchcrew.com/

I guess thats enough of me promoting myself.

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