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The Mighty Mighty Bosstones



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America For Sale

american flag

This is going to be a very short post about plans to jump start the American economy. They are talking tax cuts something that will work in the short term. They are talking that its the houseing markets fault. But the truth is it’s our fault that we are in this pickle. The only fix it for the American economy is American Manufacturing. We need to build this Countries economy from the ground up. Stop putting a band aid over the a amputated leg.

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Late Night eating in New York city.

grif dogs

Crif Dogs

113 St. Marks Pl.

New York, NY 10009
nr. Ave. A 


  • Price Range: $$$$

For me Grif dogs has always been that late night eat when you were just sick of a slice of pizza. When I first found out about this place I was so excited to eat there. Grif dogs in some ways lived up the hype but at the same time had some huge down falls. So here are my true thoughts – for 1 who really wants to pay 2.50 for a plain hot dog I mean come on it’s a hot dog!!!!! Second the place was  not clean at all I guess thats what you get from a late night place in the LES.  But on the upside the concept of Grif Dogs is great. 4crifdogs.jpgI like the crazy style of hot dogs they put together. Such as – The Chang- Bacon Wrapped dog topped  with kimchee  or the Spice Redneck – A house dog, bacon wrapped w/chili , cole slaw, and Jalapenos.  Or if you are really in the mood maybe you can get one of their stoner packs, which is sort of a grab bag of eats – this is how the describe  it “A mistery grab bag of eats – we won’t tell you what you are getting but we guarantee it will fill the moderately stoned dude”

So my take on Grif Dogs is eat at your own risk. The dogs are right and the price is wrong. You make the choice.

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