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Music Skins a New wave of fashion. Rock your Favorite Band, your favorite artist, or your favorite movie. And if you can find something that you like you can make your own custom Music skins. Put your company logo, your local band, or make some for your blog like I did. www.music-skins.com

Ipod – Protest the Hero

ipod protest the hero

Laptop Covers – Shaggy


Iphone – Exploding Dog

exploding dog


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We are proud to annouce the release of our new Sean Kingston series of MusicSkins. Our newly inked deal with Epic Records will bring you plenty more great artists and designs! For now we have the Sean Kingston “Beautiful Girl” & “Kingston” designs. As always we have both designs in all the popular MP3, phone, & laptop models. Check out www.music-skins.com/seankingston.

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Boy Sets Fire



The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


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I am sitting in my living room looking at a wall of Lp’s for you that have no idea what an LP is I am sorry. But sitting here looking at my collection I ponder to myself what ever happened to good music. Then I realize how cliché that must have sounded. But for some reason it felt so true. I have every thing form death metal, to smooth jazz, and I am happy to say I know a little bit about music. But by know means am I critic. That night I hosted a Frank Sinatra Birthday party at a local bar. We had booked a live band to play along side the DJ’s. But much to my surprise I feel this band brought some life back in to music. The bands name was, The Todd Londagin Band. To start off I am a huge fan of 40’s and 50’s vocals such as Frank Sinatra ,Johnny Hartman, Mel Torme and Tony Bennett. In turn this makes me a huge fan of Todd Longagin. His voice is a mix of the smooth driven notes from Frank Sinatra mixed with the Heavenly placed pitch of Mel Torme. Looking around the room while Todd sang I could just feel the hearts of the women in the house just stop for every melted note that danced from him. He held that stage as if he was at the Sands hotel signing while waiting for Sammy to finish his drink and join in. The Todd Londagin band set a mood that made me feel as if it was New York city 1946. With a voice like that it gives me hope that the art of a singer has not yet passed, and we might see a little class dropped back in to the night life of New York City.

You can check out his music at www.toddlondagin.com

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Eight page story was a band that was playing live around the Claremont Colleges in the mid 90’s. I used to love this band and I always wondered what happend to them. I have spent the past couple of day searching for information about them online. I found nothing. This is a band that can not be looked over so I am posting their only CD for you to download. Click on the links below and enjoy.There may be some pops and click its an old CD

Full Album Click here

For a sample click here

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Some of the best music

Here is a little insite to me. Music means everything to me if you have ever had a chance to hang out with me you would not only feel but you would see it as well. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t listen to at least 5 full records. Now I am a fan of mostly any style of music but my true loves are Jazz and anything that Ida has ever done. I know this album has been out for awhale but I feel it has not gotten what it really deserves. I have posted a few videos from their latest record. Please if you like this pass it along. here is there web site as well.idamusic.com

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