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America For Sale

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This is going to be a very short post about plans to jump start the American economy. They are talking tax cuts something that will work in the short term. They are talking that its the houseing markets fault. But the truth is it’s our fault that we are in this pickle. The only fix it for the American economy is American Manufacturing. We need to build this Countries economy from the ground up. Stop putting a band aid over the a amputated leg.


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Late Night eating in New York city.

grif dogs

Crif Dogs

113 St. Marks Pl.

New York, NY 10009
nr. Ave. A 


  • Price Range: $$$$

For me Grif dogs has always been that late night eat when you were just sick of a slice of pizza. When I first found out about this place I was so excited to eat there. Grif dogs in some ways lived up the hype but at the same time had some huge down falls. So here are my true thoughts – for 1 who really wants to pay 2.50 for a plain hot dog I mean come on it’s a hot dog!!!!! Second the place was  not clean at all I guess thats what you get from a late night place in the LES.  But on the upside the concept of Grif Dogs is great. 4crifdogs.jpgI like the crazy style of hot dogs they put together. Such as – The Chang- Bacon Wrapped dog topped  with kimchee  or the Spice Redneck – A house dog, bacon wrapped w/chili , cole slaw, and Jalapenos.  Or if you are really in the mood maybe you can get one of their stoner packs, which is sort of a grab bag of eats – this is how the describe  it “A mistery grab bag of eats – we won’t tell you what you are getting but we guarantee it will fill the moderately stoned dude”

So my take on Grif Dogs is eat at your own risk. The dogs are right and the price is wrong. You make the choice.

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I am sitting in my living room looking at a wall of Lp’s for you that have no idea what an LP is I am sorry. But sitting here looking at my collection I ponder to myself what ever happened to good music. Then I realize how cliché that must have sounded. But for some reason it felt so true. I have every thing form death metal, to smooth jazz, and I am happy to say I know a little bit about music. But by know means am I critic. That night I hosted a Frank Sinatra Birthday party at a local bar. We had booked a live band to play along side the DJ’s. But much to my surprise I feel this band brought some life back in to music. The bands name was, The Todd Londagin Band. To start off I am a huge fan of 40’s and 50’s vocals such as Frank Sinatra ,Johnny Hartman, Mel Torme and Tony Bennett. In turn this makes me a huge fan of Todd Longagin. His voice is a mix of the smooth driven notes from Frank Sinatra mixed with the Heavenly placed pitch of Mel Torme. Looking around the room while Todd sang I could just feel the hearts of the women in the house just stop for every melted note that danced from him. He held that stage as if he was at the Sands hotel signing while waiting for Sammy to finish his drink and join in. The Todd Londagin band set a mood that made me feel as if it was New York city 1946. With a voice like that it gives me hope that the art of a singer has not yet passed, and we might see a little class dropped back in to the night life of New York City.

You can check out his music at www.toddlondagin.com

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Just when you thought you heard the last of the dot.coms!!!!!

Its not over yet CNN reports today that more then 50% of americans will be doing their shopping online this christmas. For me this is so true. I think in the past 4 years I head to the stores during christmas not to shop but to give myself a little holiday cheer, knowing that all of my shopping was done in less then a night with out leaving my computer. No more fighting the crowds after a long days work, more time with your friends and family. Now that sounds nice! Fear not I have some soulutions and ideas for you shoppers and business owners.

For the business owner-

Now I know what you are thinking “A web store? I don’t know anything about the web and it’s going to cost a ton of money” Well in some ways you are right and wrong, a web store can cost you a ton of money if you don’t do your research. So here are a few ideas . If you are not web savvy then you can try the free paypal shopping cart. The cart is not very customizable. If you are really web savvy then you can build your own free webstore by using zencart. Now if you want someone to build your site I would use digital marauders, they have a flat rate customized cart with no monthly fees. They also take the time to teach you how to work with in your store and promote it on the web at no additional charges.

Now for the shopper –

here are my web store choices for holiday shopping.

www.viktorviktoriashop.com – mens and ladies

www.digitalgravel.com – mens and ladies streetwear

http://www.ccs.com – everything skate and snow

www.shreddingbetty.com – ladies snowboarding

www.touchclothing.com – mens clothing

www.popspopularclothing.com – mens work clothing

www.bodypunks.com – Body jewelry

www.zappos.com – everything shoes

www.itunes.com – everything music

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Sicko the movie – wow how do I really start this but to say we all going to die for the all mighty dollar. Second I am ready to pack my bags and get off of this sinking ship called America. But then it came to me that it’s not the US governments fault it our fault. We are the ones that let them do this us. I don’t think that we really understand that they work for us. There are more middle to lower class familes in the US then there is Upper to mega rich. We can no longer live in fear we need to stand and take this country back.  No I have not been the best person in that on the means of voteing but you can be sure I will never miss a vote from here on out.  There is only one thing for us to do, sstand up and let them here us.

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Swingers just moved to the #1 spot on my movie list.

Last night i could not sleep so I was looking thorught my DVD’s to put something on. I came across Swinger and thought to myself it’s been a long time so let play it. I put it on think that I was going to just pass out in 30min. Boy was i worng 2 hours later I was dancing in my living room to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and calling myself money. So I had to post it!!!! Swingers brings back good thought of good times growing up in LA. Times that were real.So to all of my friend still in LA living the life style I put a glass up to you. I am outa here “this place is dead any way”

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Really stop talking about about her she does nothing she is a rich brat. Did we forget that there is a war going on? People are dying and CNN does 45 min on Paris Hilton coming out of jail. Wake up world they are trying to numb us and we are letting them.

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