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Here is my story of HSBC in NYC. I was off to go on a week end hiking trip to Boulder CO when my wallet was stolen in the airport in NYC. So I called HSBC to cancel my cards then I asked them what they could do tohelp me out. Remember I only have 40.00 in my pocket. The Lady on the phone from HSBC told me no problem we can send you a new card to your hotel. Now and I both are thinking great I have no worries. WORNG!!!!! then she told that it was going to take 5 to 8 days to get there. Great I will be home by then and I will have no need for it. I asked her ” Is there any other way” She told me no I am very sorry. So HSBC Stranded me on a hiking trip in Boulder with no money. After talking with 5 other HSBC people they all said that they were very sorry but that could not help me out. When I got back from the trip I stopped into my HSBC branch and I was fronted by a Branch Rep James J Otoole. When I told him my story he had every excuse why HSBC did what they did. Then told me if you don’t like our bank there are many others in NYC that I can bank at.

So my story here is Don’t bank with HSBC they can careless about its customers.


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