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Vanessa's dumpling house

Vanessa's dumpling house

Vanessa’s Dumpling house

118 Eldridge St
(between Broome St & Grand St)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 625-8008

Let me see this will be a post that is short and sweet. If you are looking for a place that has amazing Dumpling at an amazing price with no wait – then this is your stop. I am telling you these are worth the run down to the lower east side. Here is a sample of the prices.

Chive and Pork Fried Dumplings 4 $1.00

Chive and Pork Boiled Dumplings 8 $2.50

pork bun

pork bun

Vegetable Boiled Dumplings 8 $3.00

Sesame Pancake 0.75

Hot and Sour Soup Small $1.25

Kimchi $2.00

Vegi Noodle Soup $3.00



This for sure is a place to stop and eat.I think you can find me here almost every weekend. This had made one of my top 10 places to eat in NYC


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Cheep places to eat in New York City.

Pukk NYC


71 1st Ave
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 253-2741

Vegan Thai
Hours:Sun-Thu 11:30am-10:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-11:30pm
Lets start off with the bad parts of this Lower East Side eater. Now that I think about there is only one. is the place is way to small and the second is the seating is way to close to each other. With that out of the way lets get to the goods. The Design of the place is amazing I think its is a work of art, you have a great feeling the second you walk in to the place. But the food is not as a good as the layout and desgin. But what can I say when my dinner and drink cost no more then $5.00 I am not really going to out this place down. This is the ideal match.com date spot, it looks high-end but with good pricing. The spot you can take several dates to and not go broke.

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Late Night eating in New York city.

grif dogs

Crif Dogs

113 St. Marks Pl.

New York, NY 10009
nr. Ave. A 


  • Price Range: $$$$

For me Grif dogs has always been that late night eat when you were just sick of a slice of pizza. When I first found out about this place I was so excited to eat there. Grif dogs in some ways lived up the hype but at the same time had some huge down falls. So here are my true thoughts – for 1 who really wants to pay 2.50 for a plain hot dog I mean come on it’s a hot dog!!!!! Second the place was  not clean at all I guess thats what you get from a late night place in the LES.  But on the upside the concept of Grif Dogs is great. 4crifdogs.jpgI like the crazy style of hot dogs they put together. Such as – The Chang- Bacon Wrapped dog topped  with kimchee  or the Spice Redneck – A house dog, bacon wrapped w/chili , cole slaw, and Jalapenos.  Or if you are really in the mood maybe you can get one of their stoner packs, which is sort of a grab bag of eats – this is how the describe  it “A mistery grab bag of eats – we won’t tell you what you are getting but we guarantee it will fill the moderately stoned dude”

So my take on Grif Dogs is eat at your own risk. The dogs are right and the price is wrong. You make the choice.

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