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Zap Bang Done

Over Priced, Bad customer service, and very slow to finish the job.

For those of you who are looking for a web programmer ir if you are stuck on JOOMLA then Zap bang done seems like a good idea. Zap Bang Done will handle all your joomla needs. I have used them for Joomla Jobs. One Jobs was to have them build a Template from a photoshop layout the price tag for this was 1900.00 . Next I had them design some Mods for the site – again 1100.00  Both jobs took them for ever to do.

I wanted try Zap Bang Done becasue I see there banners all over the joomla site. Right off the bat this is a very good Idea But way to over priced I mean way to over priced. If you just take a little time there is a job posting area on the Joomla Fourm. This are has worked out great for me. I had another template built from just a joomla poasting on the joomla site and it cost me 600.00 and it was done fast and amazing. Great idea guys but run very poorly


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