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I think the time has come – My age group is having kids. Now they are not putting their kids into the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys boring old onesie’s. OHHHH no that would not fit Gen X who in turn has become MOM and DAD X.

The are putting them into these fashionable onesie’s

I found thes at that nice little online shop http://www.viktorviktoriashop.com

Baby Onesie – Bob Marley – “One Love”



Baby Onesie / Infant Romper: Bob Marley “One Love”
Your baby will be the coolest infant in daycare wearing this Bob Marley Onesie from Viktor Viktoria!

This baby onesie is a perfect baby shower gift for your Bob Marley loving friend!
bob Marley Onesie at www.viktorviktoriashop.com

Baby Onesie features super soft cotton
Snap crotch for easy diaper changes

Small = 0 – 6 Months
Medium = 6 – 12 Months
Large = 12- 18 Months
Unisex baby onesie for all Viktor Viktkoria babies!

Baby Onesie - Johnny Cash -

<a href=”http://www.viktorviktoriashop.com/theshop/index.php?main_page=popup_image&pID=532″ target=”_blank”><img src=”images/JC5110.jpg” alt=”Baby Onesie – Johnny Cash – "Folsom Stripes"” title=” Baby Onesie – Johnny Cash – "Folsom Stripes" ” width=”175″ height=”182.60869565217″ /><br /><span class=”imgLink”>larger image</span></a>

Baby Onesie – Johnny Cash – “Folsom Stripes”



Baby Onesie / Infant Romper: Johnny Cash Infant Onesie with Folsom Stripes is the perfect Baby shower gift!

Everyone will love this adorable Johnny Cash Baby Onesie. The black and white prison stripes and Folsom Jail imprint are sure to make your new niece or nephew walk the line!

Baby Onesie features super soft cotton
Snap crotch for easy diaper changes

Small = 0 – 6 Months
Medium = 6 – 12 Months
Large = 12- 18 Months
Unisex baby onesie for all Viktor Viktoria Babies

I found these at http://www.tuttibella.com

Or how many of you could not wait to have kids so you could out them in a poison shirt.


Or for you kiss fans


I guess this is the age of the cool kid with the sexy mom who has Tats. The only thing I can say is I hope they have these when I am ready to pop out my own little hipster.


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web site http://www.popspopularclothing.com

Looking for some great deals on Dickies, Timberland, or Carhartt Then look not futher this is your place. I have never been a big fan of buying jackets online but when I saw the prices I thougt that I would give it a shot.I got a bomber jacket for 29.00. Not only did they have good prices but fast shipping, and for me when I shop online that is a plus. I hate to wait I want it now. For me they have one of the largest selections of Carhartt I have seen on the net. And if they dont have it they can for sure order it for you. I called them up to find out shipping times and he informed that not only do they have a home front store but they also do custom screen printing. For me this is another gem of mom and pop stores on the internet.

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Swingers just moved to the #1 spot on my movie list.

Last night i could not sleep so I was looking thorught my DVD’s to put something on. I came across Swinger and thought to myself it’s been a long time so let play it. I put it on think that I was going to just pass out in 30min. Boy was i worng 2 hours later I was dancing in my living room to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and calling myself money. So I had to post it!!!! Swingers brings back good thought of good times growing up in LA. Times that were real.So to all of my friend still in LA living the life style I put a glass up to you. I am outa here “this place is dead any way”

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82 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: (718) 797-3100



Places to eat in Brooklyn New York


This was the fist time that I have ever dined on Cuban food which if you live in brooklyn for has long has I have is a sin. Thats all any one talks about is a Cubano sandwich how amazing they are. But when it come to sandwiches I am the local pro. I could live off of sandwiches., just as long as there is no mayo. So I decided to stop in Mojito to eat my first Cubano and I was ready for it. This is what’s in a Mojito Cubano – roast pork,ham,swiss cheese, Pickles, and garlic mayo. Of course I ask for it with no mayo. Now I have to give to them is was one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. The Cubano as made the list to be eat any time. As for Mojito is a very cute aold world feeling layout, the place is very clean, and the service was fast and helpful. But with every up there must be a down fall, so here it is. Mojito is no place Near a train, the Cubano that I got looked like it was appetizer size 3 bits and it was gone. So for me the price was not right mine came to 7.00 and drink was another 2.00. I feel for the hike that you make just to eat there they should give you some sort of price break. You really can’t get away with charging NYC prices in deep brooklyn. On that note I would not make my way back to Mojito but would make my way back to a Cubano.

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How to Make Root Beer

Making root beer at home is easy, once you gather all the necessary supplies. It’s a great family project and a way to teach the younger ones that not everything tasty comes from an aluminium can. And it’s delicious, too!

I have tryied to make my own root beer a few times, but have never come up in the winning end. Most of the time my bottles pop and I have root beer all over my house. But I wanted to post this to see if any of you can make it happen. Here is the link to the “How to” That I have followed. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.
The How to

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I have been a vonage user now for about 3 years and in that three years I have never had to call them about any thing. In the past 2 months I have spent more the 4 hours a week on the phone with them. At first I thought that is was just the fact that they out sourced their calls to india. But nope that was not it the problem . So this is what was happing to m. I have a toll free number with Vonage one day I started getting these phone calls from some strange number. When I would go to pick it up it would sound like some one was just pushing buttons on the other end. At first I though nothing of but then I was getting about 300 calls a day so I called Vonage to see what they could do to fix it. At first I got some lady in India who really had no idea what I was telling her. After being on the phone with her for about 2 hours I asked if she could get me to a rep in States. So I was sent to a rep in that States how in turn at first tried to help me out but in the end could not. They Kept telling that they do not have call block but that they were going to get a Tech on and try to fix for me. But that I should on my own pay for a service to find out who owns the number and then contact to tell them to stop calling. I was so amazed that they wanted me to do their work for them. She told me a Tech would get back to me in a few days. No one ever got back to me. A week later I called again and when through the whole ordeal again. Then the Vonage Rep said “we can’t help you and I think you should really take your number to Verizon” I was could not belive it a Vonage Rep telling me to move to Verizon. After that she told me if I wanted to stay I need to change my toll free number. After fighting this I did change my number. And the phone calls stopped but deal with Vonage did not. when I got my bill that month they had billed me for the toll free called that they said they would not bill me for. So I called them up and asked them to please take off the extra charge. They Vonage rep said that they could not take it off and that I had to pay for it. We went back and forth for a few hours on the phone till she said ok I can give you a credit for half of the over charges. But that was not good enough for me. So then she placed me on hold for 25 min to come back and tell me thats the best they can do. I said thats still not good enough and she said to bad and hung up on me. I called back only to face the samething with a different Vonage Rep. So Vonage added the credit to my account. But then I got the next months bill and found that the charges where still there. The same amount. I called Vonage and they put me on hold for 45 min I think they just hoped that I wouls hang up. I got some one on the line that told me the person before had so right ro give the credit that I would have to pay the full amount. By this time I was so mad. I could not believe the way Vonage treated me Even Verizon would have given me my credit. If you are looking to sign up for a VOIP stay away from Vonage. I have moved everything to Time Warner. Watch out for the Vonage Scams.

But don’t jsut take my word for read what has been posted on the BBB Vonage Complaints

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 Loreley Restaurant & Bar

Rivington St., New York, NY 10002

Places to eat out in New York City.


For me there is only 3 goods German restaurants in New York City – Heidelberg, Zum Schneider, and Loreley. But for right now we will just talk about Loreley. I am a huge fan of German food this is one of the only styles of cooking that I will pretty much try anything. Now if you already know me you are laughing because you know how picky of an eater I can be. The last time that I was in Berlin Germany I decide that I was going to try every sausage that I could get my hands. Some I could never eat again and some have become a staple of my day to day diet. My favorite for sure was the German currywurst, but a close second was the bratwurst. One of the main dishes in Berlin is a bratwurst with fries, this is amazing and worth eating everyday. Since my first trip to Germany I have never been able to find a German restaurant in the states that was even close to what I have tasted. Now the Sun his shined on this little gem in the Lower East Side. The food gave me the feel and tastes that I was back in Berlin. I do have to say the fries are for sure some of the best in the city. The Wiener Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites is some of the best I have ever had In the states or Germany. My true love at Loreley is the Wurst teller mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffel Puree at 16.00 this for sure will full you up and leave you wanting more. And lets not forget this is a German Restaurant so the Beer is a big part of the set up. Now I don’t drink so I can’t really give you a good sense of the taste, but I can say the serve the beer in the big Oktoberfest style glasses. For me a Plus in the ambience area. I do have to say the Loreley is a must stop for any one that loves to eat out and is looking for a taste if Germany.


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