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Just when you thought you heard the last of the dot.coms!!!!!

Its not over yet CNN reports today that more then 50% of americans will be doing their shopping online this christmas. For me this is so true. I think in the past 4 years I head to the stores during christmas not to shop but to give myself a little holiday cheer, knowing that all of my shopping was done in less then a night with out leaving my computer. No more fighting the crowds after a long days work, more time with your friends and family. Now that sounds nice! Fear not I have some soulutions and ideas for you shoppers and business owners.

For the business owner-

Now I know what you are thinking “A web store? I don’t know anything about the web and it’s going to cost a ton of money” Well in some ways you are right and wrong, a web store can cost you a ton of money if you don’t do your research. So here are a few ideas . If you are not web savvy then you can try the free paypal shopping cart. The cart is not very customizable. If you are really web savvy then you can build your own free webstore by using zencart. Now if you want someone to build your site I would use digital marauders, they have a flat rate customized cart with no monthly fees. They also take the time to teach you how to work with in your store and promote it on the web at no additional charges.

Now for the shopper –

here are my web store choices for holiday shopping.

www.viktorviktoriashop.com – mens and ladies

www.digitalgravel.com – mens and ladies streetwear

http://www.ccs.com – everything skate and snow

www.shreddingbetty.com – ladies snowboarding

www.touchclothing.com – mens clothing

www.popspopularclothing.com – mens work clothing

www.bodypunks.com – Body jewelry

www.zappos.com – everything shoes

www.itunes.com – everything music


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web site http://www.popspopularclothing.com

Looking for some great deals on Dickies, Timberland, or Carhartt Then look not futher this is your place. I have never been a big fan of buying jackets online but when I saw the prices I thougt that I would give it a shot.I got a bomber jacket for 29.00. Not only did they have good prices but fast shipping, and for me when I shop online that is a plus. I hate to wait I want it now. For me they have one of the largest selections of Carhartt I have seen on the net. And if they dont have it they can for sure order it for you. I called them up to find out shipping times and he informed that not only do they have a home front store but they also do custom screen printing. For me this is another gem of mom and pop stores on the internet.

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Orange 20 Bikes

713 N. Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

<>Call us: 323-662-4537
I love to find little local style shops, for me this is were you find great stuff to buy. And I am all about having something that other can’t seem to find. Orange 20 bikes is this for people that love bikes. Now with this fad of fix gears all over the place orange 20 is your one stop shop. You can come in to this shop knowing nothing and walk out a pro. Or at least with a pro style bike. The carry every thing you might need or want, and if they don’t have it trust me they can get it for you. check out their web site http://www.orange20bikes.com



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